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Following the acquisition of the fund and asset management businesses of Livingbridge, the growth team at Gresham House Asset Management was renamed Gresham House Ventures. GHV needed an identity to sit within the current brand of Gresham House, yet have a distinct enough personality to appeal to entrepreneurs and start-ups. For this process we looked creatively at the identity, colours, positioning, imagery and digital brand.


The new logotype is a one-step development of the existing GHAM logo, retaining the ‘Gresham Grasshopper’ as a distinct identifier for the group. The colour palette for GHV is an extension of the GHAM palette, using a warm blue to appeal to an entrepreneurial, start-up audience. Modern, contemporary images that suggest dynamism and ‘the new’ were incorporated. All in all, a distinct brand personality that feels part of the GHAM family. With the emphasis on people, case studies and up-to-date blog posts, the friendly and easy-to-use website was designed to work across all digital devices. The new colours, use of white space and big dynamic imagery, all work towards a clean and contemporary digital look and feel.  See live.

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